History of Maharashtra - 2

  • An inscription dating back to 365 AD has been found at a village called Aeran, in Sagar district of MP. In this inscription Satyanaga, the commander of King Shridharverma, calls himself as 'Chief of Maharashtra'
  • The name 'Maharashtra' appears in the literature of Vatsayana, Bharatmuni and Varuchi
  • The Dandakaranya in which Rama was sent to exile, is a part of Maharashtra
  • The term 'Maharaddha' appears in the book 'Mahavamsha'
  • According to 'Aiteraya Brahamana' the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra is mostly forested and is famous for dangerous animals
  • Ancient remains of Dinosaurs have been found at Pisadura in Chandrapur district
  • An iron furnace dating back to the Stone age has been discovered at Nayakund in Nagpur district
  • A pillar dating back to the Stone age has been discovered at Nagabhid in Chandrapu district
  • Remains belonging to the Indus-valley civilization have been found at Dayamabad in Ahmednagar district
  • The ancient name of Maharashtra was 'Mahalesh'

History of Maharashtra - 1

Prehistoric Time:
  • Copper age remains were found in Maharashtra at Inamgaon, Pune.
  • Early Vedic age remains of wild ox were found at Newasa.
  • Mid Stone age weapons have been found at Inamgaon
  • In 1853, remains of weapons of Agget stone made by Mid Stone age men were found at 'Mungi Paithan'
  • According to Dr. B. S. Goh, people of Maharashtra belong to the racial group called as 'Bracci-Cephalli'
  • Jorawe Civilization - In 1950, remains of a civilization which rose to power around 1600 BC (Copper Age) were found at a village called 'Jorawe' in Ahmednagar district. This civilization had spread to Ahmednagar, Dhule, Jalgaon, Pune districts; but they did not spread to Konkan and Vidarbha. At this site around 200 settlements of brick-walled square blocks were unearthed. These people were mainly agrarian and their characteristic was the use of coloured bricks. These people used weapons made of limestones. This civilization came to an end around 700 Bc
  • In ancient Sanskrit literature, the region of Maharashtra was mentioned as 'Dakshinapath'
  • In early times, Dravidian people used to live in Maharashtra. People of the Naga tribe later settled in Maharashtra
  • Around 600 BC, the 'Ratta' people of Aryan descent came to the south from Magadha. These people have been mentioned as 'Rashtrik' in the inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka
  • Later all these people intermingled and they later came to be known as 'Marahatta'. Marahatta is a word from Kannada language
  • According to historians C. V. Vaidya and R. G. Bhandarkar, the terms 'Ratta' and 'Rashtrik' changed over the course of time into 'Maharatta' and 'Maharashtriya', respectively.


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